Posted Monday, December 20, 2021 at 11:19pm

2022 Subaru WRX Grows but Remains Young at Heart

In the tug of war between an all-SUV world and actual car-shaped cars, Subaru still has a few models holding the rope on the car side. There’s the BRZ, which we loved enough to award it a 10Best award, and there’s a redesigned WRX for 2022, too.
In case your car love has slept through the past 20 years, the WRX is largely responsible for introducing a generation of boys and girls to the joys of turbo lag, all-wheel drive, and a manual transmission. As before, automatic buyers get a CVT that can pretend to be an eight-speed auto, but Subaru claims that the auto is more responsive and quicker to respond. We’ll have to wait to test those assertions, as supply-chain issues have sidelined the automatic. As you can imagine, we cried many tears of disappointment and then popped the clutch in a World Rally Blue Pearl Limited model and drove it 700 miles on some of California’s best driving roads. We didn’t set out to drive it so many miles; we just kept finding more good roads. It’s that kind of car.