Posted Friday, June 21, 2013 at 7:51pm

Autoblog goes on an African safari, Subaru-Style … And Learns To Love The Ostrich

When one thinks of a safari, they naturally draw pictures in their mind’s eye of wild animals, like lions, elephants and giraffes. I’m no different, and it was with visions of long telephoto lenses over vast runes and dunes that I embarked on a 19-hour plane ride from Phoenix, Arizona to Plettenberg Bay in South Africa, camera gear in tow. My particular safari through the wilds of South Africa included none of those things, however. Sure, I did spy a random baboon or two (they didn’t seem particularly friendly), several other unknown primates and some random wild cattle, but the trip I found myself a part of centered around a rather unexpected South African specialty: the ostrich.