Posted Saturday, August 13, 2022 at 10:19pm

Best Impreza Colin McRae Edition review – homage to McRae’s championship 555 racer

For me this will always be the car. Not the two-door World Rally Car rules Impreza that Colin drove in ’97 and ’98 before leaving for Ford, the Subaru that millions who played the video game associate him with. No. For me, it’ll always be about Group A, the car Subaru homologated as the Impreza 555, the Impreza that still made the deep, rumbly, window-rattling roar, the car that looked like the Turbo 2000 road car you could actually buy in British showrooms (as thousands did) right down to the tiny rear spoiler, the car that ignited people’s passion for fast Imprezas in the UK, the car in which Colin won his one and only world title.