Posted Saturday, January 23, 2021 at 10:33pm

Did We Catch The New Toyota Celica Out Testing?

We were recently sent a short video showing an unidentified test car traveling on Westbound I-94 in Detroit, Michigan, not far from Ford’s corporate headquarters in Dearborn. Initially, we believed it to be the next-generation Ford Mustang (codenamed S650), rumored to be in development. After reviewing the footage, we now believe this to be another upcoming sports car, the 2022 Toyota 86.
The car was spotted driving in a pack of Mustangs, all of which were wearing manufacturer plates. We thought this might point to the prototype being a Mustang itself, but some of the finer details and the overall proportions don’t lend to this conclusion. Instead, it looks much closer to Toyota’s sports car that will be co-developed with Subaru.