Posted Wednesday, May 1, 2024 at 9:54pm

Director Luke Jaden Tugs At The Heartstrings In Short Film For Subaru

t’s said that life imitates art–and vice versa. In this case, director Luke Jaden borrowed from his own life for a Subaru Outback spec film that tugs at the heartstrings. However, the short tugged so movingly that Subaru embraced the piece and is using it.

A young family realizes that the Australian Shepherd they rescued–named Finley–is too confined in their suburban neighborhood of tightly clustered homes. So they get in their Subaru Outback and trek to grandma’s farm where Finley can enjoy the great outdoors. After seeing how happy Finley is there–and the effect man’s best friend has on their widowed grandmother–the parents and their two daughters ultimately, albeit reluctantly, leave Finley at his new home. It’s a bittersweet situation–filled with happiness for Finley so he can run free, yet fraught with deep sadness at the thought of being separated from a dog who in a very short time had become a loving member of the family.