Posted Sunday, October 24, 2021 at 10:26pm

Here’s What A 1990s Subaru SVX Costs Today

If you had a chance to talk to any car enthusiast, they will confirm that the 1990s were a special time in the automotive world and more importantly for Japan. Known as the bubble era, the late ’80s saw unprecedented economic growth in Japan, everything from stock prices to real estate saw an immense rise during that time until its eventual decline in the early ’90s.

But before Japan’s economy imploded, the automotive world was graced with what is known as the 90’s bubble-era cars. During that period of economic growth, the Japanese manufacturers had the courage to be quite a bit more liberal with the vehicles they designed and eventually produced. Some of the cars that came from that era were known for their crazy technological advancement, others for their unusual and quirky looks and design, and a select few were blessed with both of those traits