Posted Monday, April 8, 2024 at 9:41pm

If You Can’t Buy the Ultimate Nineties Subaru, Build It

What’s your dream car? Are you lucky enough to be able to park it in your driveway? If you grew up with a poster of a Ferrari F40 or a Porsche 959 on the wall, the answer to the second question is probably not. And with values for everything from Datsuns to DeLoreans pretty strong these days, a lot of younger enthusiasts are priced out of the market. But for hardcore Subaru fan and artist Maya Uhryniuk, her gravel-spitting, turbocharged dreams just became real.

This is a Gravel Express, easily the best-named vehicle Subaru ever made. Never mind the quarter-million-dollar 22B, here’s a machine that embodies the true spirit of the six-star brand. Look! It even comes with an onboard dog! (Okay, admittedly: dog sold separately.)