Posted Friday, May 11, 2012 at 2:33am

NASCAR-NS: Pastrana talks with the media at Darlington

How is your first day at Darlington? “Never really been scared in NASCAR until today, for sure. Everyone says every track you go to, ‘Oh, this is the hardest track or this is this or this is different or challenging,’ but never before have I been that scared that far along. It’s definitely faster than it looks on TV and you have so much room to the inside, but there’s only one line. You have to hit — especially turn one — you have to hit the inside, it slides all the way to the top no matter how slow or fast you go, so you might as well hold it pinned and see what happens. I kept lifting right at the end and they said, ‘Well, the good drivers around here will hold it pinned,’ so I did that and I spun a 720 down the backstretch and was able to keep it off the walls and realized maybe I’m not a good driver yet. We’ll learn on that.”