Posted Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 4:43am

Rally Co-Driving Behind the Scenes, Part 9: Oops

While co-driving is incredibly fun, it is also incredibly elaborate and difficult. As I’ve explained over the course of this series the co-driver in many ways is the one running the show, setting the pace of the driver and the pace of the event itself. It takes a ton of hard work, concentration, and (especially) at the higher levels a ton of skill. So what does it mean if you, a new, nervous co-driver trying to keep on top of everything, make a mistake? It means you’ve officially become a genuine co-driver, because no matter how good a co-driver may be we’ve all got a few of those stories. I asked my fellow co-drivers to share some of theirs (and drivers to squeal on their co-drivers), and they delivered.