Posted Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 9:48pm

Rare JDM 22B STi Finds New Home in America

Before American enthusiasts got their taste of the rally racing-bred WRX STi in the bugeye/blob-eye/hawk-eye Impreza of the 2000s, Subaru gave us the 2.5RS a generation prior to satisfy U.S. buyers’ appetites for a performance AWD. The RS went on to become a cult classic and led the way for the WRX to follow, but you know the Japanese will always have a hotter version (or in some cases, multiple hotter versions) that we never got, which is where the 22B STi enters the picture. Drawing inspiration from the extremely successful works World Rally Car GC-chassis Impreza – a platform that Subaru ran in the FIA’s World Rally Championship and won the manufacturer’s title with from ’95 to ’97 – fewer than 425 22B STi were ever produced, making it about as forbidden a JDM fruit as they come. When it comes to cars, though, we’ve found there’s always a way to make dreams happen, provided your desire and pockets are deep enough.