Posted Saturday, May 4, 2024 at 9:53pm

Soft-Roaders Need Not Apply: Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness Forges its Own Path

Nobody likes a poser, we can all safely agree on that. Self-expression, trying new things, learning to be comfortable in one’s own skin are all commendable. Trying to be somebody or something you’re not, in an attempt to get attention? Not so much.

In the world of new SUVs, this translates to “off-road” packages with nothing more than slapping on burlier tires, some black styling bits, maybe a roof rack, and if you’re lucky, higher ground clearance and perhaps a front skid plate for good measure. Oh, and a pair of tow hooks. It all screams adventure on the outside, but mechanically, no real performance upgrades are to be found. You’re better off buying a base model and modifying it yourself.