Posted Friday, December 3, 2021 at 11:29pm

Subaru Headed for First Back-to-Back Sales Plunge Since the ’90s This Year

The semiconductor chip shortage has made 2021 difficult for the entire automotive industry, but some carmakers are suffering standout bad years. One of them is Subaru, which is on a trajectory to record its first back-to-back years of sales decline in the United States since 1995.
Subaru CEO Tomomi Nakamura told Automotive News that while the company’s sales through October haven’t been in a bad spot, with 499,619 cars sold, it’s not quite the pace Subaru set last year—or even the year before. In 2020, Subaru sold 611,942 cars in the U.S.—its biggest market—which was a decline from 2019’s record of 700,117 cars. As 2021 is on track to fall short of 600,000, Subaru faces its first back-to-back slump in more than a quarter-century.