Posted Friday, October 22, 2021 at 10:16pm

The Subaru Crosstrek WRX Looks Ready For Action

Subaru was once a brand that enthusiasts could always look to for something cool, but as the Japanese brand began seeking manistream success, it seems to have lost a bit of that fun factor. Sure, there are cars like the BRZ that are great fun to drive and have almost limitless tuning potential, but what else is there? The automaker has just revealed a new WRX Wagon after the sedan debuted a few weeks back, but aside from a new WRX STI sedan, it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything really performance-focused for some time. Instead, we have things like the Crosstrek, a pretty good crossover but nothing to write home about. But did you know that the Crosstrek and the WRX use the same platform? And that the drivetrain can be almost directly swapped to create a Crosstrek WRX?