Posted Monday, May 10, 2021 at 9:09pm

The Subaru WRX: The Bugeye, Blobeye, And Hawkeye

The Subaru WRX is an automotive legend. It’s the rallying car of choice for the World Rally Championship (WRC). Here’s the second generation WRX story, from the Bugeye to the Blobeye and the Hawkeye.
The Subaru WRX (standing for ‘World Rally eXperimental’) exploded on the car scene in 1992, immediately becoming one of the most sought-after, enthusiast performance cars.
Combining the practicality of a four-door body, power of the turbocharged, flat-four engine, and incredible road holding provided by Subaru’s signature all-wheel-drive system, the Impreza WRX has become a proper modern classic and unbeatable rally monster.