Posted Wednesday, November 23, 2022 at 9:07pm

This Subaru 22B Clone Was Rallied, Abandoned, And Resurrected

Imagine being out for your typical early morning jog through the neighborhood, along the back lanes, cutting through the empty industrial area. You clock the odd interesting shape hidden under a tarp — what kind of car is that? — but it’s usually just an old Lincoln or a mouldering Camry. This time, though, lurking behind a steel fence, is something entirely unexpected. Light pods and a roof scoop. Gravel tires and race decals. A World Rally Blue, blister-fendered hero from your childhood, abandoned and neglected.

It happened to Felix Yuen. And, because he is both very patient and up for a gamble, the best possible outcome occurred. He now has his own street-registered rally car, rescued from a looming fate in some scrapyard.