Posted Saturday, June 15, 2024 at 9:51pm

World’s Largest Subaru Meet Proves Diversity Is More than a Marketing Message

Every car meet has its own vibe. Some focus on horsepower, some put more of a priority on hooliganism. Some crowds embrace cars that have seen some things, obsessing over original patina and the odors of a vintage interior, while other events take place within a veritable cloud of citrus-scented quick detailer.

What was the vibe at this year’s Wicked Big Meet, the world’s largest Subaru gathering, located in Stafford Springs, Connecticut? It was all of the above, and then some.

On one side of the parking lot, I chatted with a group of GC Impreza drivers, owners of the classic model that established Subaru’s motorsports pedigree in the late ’90s. Right next door, a fleet of overland-ready Foresters, Outbacks, and Crosstreks surveyed the action from high atop their lift springs. Meanwhile, an endless sea of pristine, new, VB-era WRXs glistened in the sun, their numbers punctuated by a fair few filthy rally-crossers carrying fresh battle scars.